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Insights into the computer components that are responsible for the smooth and effective functioning of the computer.

Computers have become a basic necessity n the world through their use will become clear in all different aspects of life in education, work, entertainment and communication. Each home at least one computer that helps them in more ways than one. It is therefore important that we know about the various computer components and their respective functions so that we can use them better and have a good idea of ​​where the problem lies when the computer fails to function properly.

Computers can be classified into two main types, portable and desktop. The portable computers are those that can be carried from one place to another. Laptops, laptops and hand held computers are a few examples of notebooks. However, it is a desktop computer that is used by most people. Let’s now take a look at the computer components that are part of the desktop computer. The same components are used in notebooks but several different

1.Case :. The first and most important part of your computer that is comprised of the following:

* Power supply: the power supply is extremely important constituent of the computer as it allows for the energy that the computer runs. There are different types of power generation used for different types of computers

* Motherboard :. A motherboard is the part that consists of the most important things that help of your computer. It houses the microprocessor which is also called your brain that is responsible for guiding, commanding and controlling all activities that are in the computer; memory is in the form of RAM is necessary in order to save and store data on your computer, the drive controllers that are vested with the task of managing the interface of a computer and hard drives, help these controls to control the activities of hardware. In almost all computers, these controllers mounted on the motherboard, but there may be other controls that are designed for faster implementation of existing drives or working on new discs. In addition to all these ingredients, there can be other card support on the motherboard for video, networking, music and lots of other

* Hard disk drive :. Hard disk drive is necessary as it is the place where all the files are stored. Operating systems for most computers are also installed in the hard drive

* CD-ROM drive :. This is the drive where the read-only files are stored. These days, it’s a new CD ROM drive makes use of special software to facilitate the reading and writing of these drives

* Floppy drive :. This house floppy disk drive is a small device to disk storage that can save about 1.4 megabytes of memory capacity.

* Other forms of drives in the form of tape backup devices, DVD devices and others.

2. Monitor :. The display looks almost like a TV screen, allowing you to see if and how the computer is to respond to your commands

3. Keyboard :. This component is a device that allows you to enter commands with the help of the various key parts of it

4. Mouse :. The mouse is a point and click interface that works efficiently in a graphical environment and helps in typing commands


Beat Spam with Disposable Email Addresses


The World Wide Web, although the virtual world, is actually not a very safe place to be. You can get your identity. Your email address can give thieves the capacity to take over your identity. There are many cases have been reported and the financial loss is great for people who have had their identities stolen. So to protect yourself, think about using a disposable email addresses.

This is a near perfect solution to prevent spam. If you need to provide your email address in return for information, use this useful resource. Many of destroying e-mail within a specified period. When you give out your real email address on the web, you run the risk of getting e-mail box filled with spam. The only option you have is to select each item spam and delete it individually. What a waste of time and effort! But disposable email addresses that offer a number of advanced features, you’ll never have this problem again. Instead of spending all spam, simply get a new account.

These addresses can be created from a number of websites offering the service for free. Registration is simple and hassle free. Many of the websites offer specific storage limit after which mail is deleted. Some of them never expire unless you want them to. Some of these come with anti-spy ware installed. They also have the ability to keep track of the websites you’ve visited.

If you want to keep your identity a secret when you want to visit various discussions or subscribe for member profiles, use disposable identity. It makes life easier. Think about identity theft or have any access to your personal information via spyware! Use a disposable email account without qualms and be worry free.


4 Ways to Stop Computer Freezes and Game Lag


If you are an avid online gamer, you certainly have suffered from Game Lag and computer crashes. Many have spent hours trying to tweak in the game graphical settings to increase the frame rate and boost the performance of their favorite games. However, in more cases than not, those efforts award the player with only a slight increase in overall survival game play. System might even meet the recommend hardware specs for optimum performance but the game causes computer freezes when the action gets heavy. However, tweaking the game specs and upgrading hardware may not be the best way to overcome Game Lag and computer crashes.

This irritation can be attributed to conflicting software that is competing for your computer’s resources or improper settings. Most online games like World of Warcraft should run smoothly on an average setup. Game manufacturers assure us that their recommended specs should run the game smoothly. However, conclusions are calculated when the games are tested on PCs that were optimized for those particular games. There are very few who are willing to dedicate a whole computer specifically for a single game. Nevertheless, there are some steps you can take to free up more resources for your game play. These tips will allow you to better optimize your PC for smoother game play booth online and off-line. .

Stop Game Lag and Computer Freezes Tip # 1 :. Get more bang from bandwidth

There are literally dozens that run on Windows operating system. These programs have no respect for your online game. They need bandwidth and system resources as much as online games. Many of the programs startup automatically when you log into the network or at the moment Windows loads. Windows service programs can perform a host of operations from searching for updates, download and even share applications with games. The task is to cut down on the amount of driving while your are playing the game to free up bandwidth and resources. This is a great tip to stop game lag and computer freezes. Here’s how.

1. Click “Start”

2. Click on “Run”

3. Type services.msc

4. Select “Extended” from the Services window to see a detailed description. Also note the position of the service.

5. To stop, select “Stop the service” or right-click the service, choose “All task” and then click “Cancel”

6. Click on “OK”

Stop Game Lag and Computer Freezes Tip # 2 :. Disable Anti-Virus / Anti-spyware programs on the game

I’m sure that the proposal scares you. However, these programs are very taxing on your computer. They can cause game play lag and computer freezes by initiating a number of small applications and processes to play the game. Turning these programs of the game your play is not entirely risk free but you will be surprised at the results by doing so

Stop Game Lag and Computer Freezes Tip # 3 :. Making sure hardware and software can “communicate”

This is an extremely important step that many gamers tend to miss. DirectX is essential to most next generation Windows games. High multimedia graphics and sound cards require lighting fast APIs, application programming interfaces, to deliver high end graphics and sound. The API acts as a kind of bridge for the hardware and software. In fact, to provide language API for hardware and software to “communicate” with each other. If there is some “miscommunication” caused by improper setup, you are game lag or computer freezes. The task is to make sure that the audio and video hardware is properly configured with Windows DirectX technology by using DirectX diagnostics tools. Here’s how:

1. Click “Start”

2. Click “Run”.

3. Type dxdiag and press Enter to load the “Direct X Diagnostic Tool” menu.

4. Click the “Show” and “music” tab.

5. Verify that DX are active and there are no problems.

Perform tests were required. If there are any problems Direct X and update hardware drivers. You can also open the Task Manger by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete and viewing the process tab to gauge which services are taking up the majority of system resources. Skip to “Cause of High CPU Usage” for details

Stop Game Lag and Computer Freezes Tip # 4 :. Clean and organize Hard Drive

simple yet overlooked necessity to stop game lag. The speed of the game can find files the less you have to worry about Game Lag and computer crashes. By defragging you help to cut down on the amount of the hard drive needs to find files. Clean your registry cuts down on the errors and will create more space for RAM and CPU to work more efficiently. These two steps are necessary to stop computer freezes. The link “4 Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Computer” will show you how to perform these actions.

Without doubt the habit of upgrading your computer’s hardware for the next generation of games will allow Take advantage of new graphics and sound card technology. However, this act makes PC gaming more expensive hobby than it really needs to be. Hopefully the tips above rewarded you smoother game play and will help to put an end to days of computer freezes and game lag.


Computer Keeps Freezing? Easy Solution to Stop Computer Freezing


Computers have occupied such an important part of our lives today. People look up to them to meet each of their needs. It is true that certain problems can, however, make it difficult for people to use computers really. One of them is often a tendency computer freezing up. The reason that often Computer Keeps Freezing the computer overheats. Do try to identify the cause of this to ensure that the fan of the computer is working correctly.

If the fan is working properly, the computer overheats, just take your laptop with you there a cooler place to see if its performance improves. A windows registry can also be responsible for the expansion of the computer. It can be one of the reasons why your computer freezes randomly. Make sure that you clean the registry entries in the computer, which has led to such an expansion. Such registry entries may have been damaged due to poor software installation or unstable program. Even malicious virus that has made the computer for Internet and be the answer to queries on why is my computer keep freezing.

If you are using a laptop, get cooler pads can also prevent such overheating. In addition, registry cleaner software can drive up congestion in the registry make Windows operating systems run very fast. When that happens, the computer does not overheat. Damaged records make it difficult for the computer to work well cause such problems as those which computers freeze. It is important to avoid such a registry damage because if the CPU of the PC heats up too, it can cause permanent damage to the computer. Users can also clean the dust from the CPU of a computer fan along with her on a soft brush to stop computer freezing.


Computer Bits – Your guide to the types of computer processors


Computer processors are responsible for analyzing data and control how data flows in a computer. Also known as the central processing unit or CPU, are those brain computer where they actually perform data processing with speed normally run between 2.6 to 3.66 GHz (gigahertz). Computer processors are in the form of small microchips and fit into sockets in motherboards.

type of computer processor

Different people want different types of computer processors because they have different needs. Nevertheless, the common types of Intel and AMD or Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Intel Computer Processor: The newest and most popular computer processor from Intel are Pentium 4 processor, Pentium 4 processor with HT (Hyper -Threading) technology. and Celeron processor. The Pentium 4 processor can handle high-demand applications such as 3D gaming, DVD authoring and other multimedia applications, the Pentium 4 processor with HT Technology is made to run multiple applications at the same time with a fast and efficient response. Celeron, on the other hand, is best compatible with most all major hardware and software brands

AMD :. AMD types of computer processors provide top-rate performance and excellent value, working seamlessly with most of-the-shelf applications and programs, and with some processors equipped with built-in anti-virus protection. Most popular processors from AMD are Athlon XP and Athlon 64, Athlon XP provides outstanding performance by enhancing Windows XP applications, offering intense graphics and images, the Athlon 64 is made for more advanced computers running 64-bit applications.

How to choose a computer processor

When you are looking for a computer processor, looking for a high-end one if you’re in a lot of applications that run design software and games. They are going to cost more but they will provide you with high quality graphics and photos that will undoubtedly raise the design and gaming experience. For convenience, choose the latest models so you do not get an update soon.


Computer Crash Problems – How to Stop Computer Run the Easy Way


Computer crashes occur when your computer will either restart or stop working, citing problems with something inside. Crashes can occur for a wide range of reasons, from hardware problems to software errors, in order to fix this problem – you need to be able to make a case that will first cause a crash to show. This tutorial is going to show you a very simple way to stop computer crashes, which can make the system run faster and smoother as a result. Here’s what you need to do:

If your computer crashes, it means that there is a problem inside it. Most of the computer technicians do is really to identify the problem causing the system to crash (hard part), and they will solve the problems that they find (which is easy). The problem many people have is that not only do they not know what is causing their systems crash, but they do not know how to fix any problems they might find.

There are two reasons why all computer will crash – hardware and software. To begin with, the computer hardware is really one of the biggest reasons why the crash occurred, because that’s what drives the system. The problem is all down to the way Windows is required to use the various hardware components every time you use the machine.

To see if you have a hardware issue on your computer, you first need to restart Windows in “safe mode”. Safe mode is that Microsoft introduced to help figure technicians to perform tasks & testing of Windows without third-party software to be present. Starting in this mode basically allows you to see if the crash occurred without any software on your system – that will suggest a hardware problem. To do this, restart your computer and press F8 before it loads. This will give you some options, you must select “Safe Mode”. Load up this mode will load Windows without drivers / software that could cause the crash, and means that if you experience crashes occurring inside the Safe Mode, you need to take your system to a computer store to hardware repair.

The cause issues with the software on the computer, it must be said that this is much more common for a variety of Windows computers. The problem with software on your computer is down to how your computer constantly need to use multiple files & settings to help it run, and like so many of these settings are in use at once, Windows often gets confused and saves many of them the wrong way. The main culprit software error is actually part of Windows called the “registry”, which is a central database that stores important files & settings of your computer needs to run. The registry is one of the most important parts of the entire Windows system, but is also one of the main reasons why your PC will crash.

Registry errors are the main reason why most Windows PCs crash, and the good news is that there is an easy way to fix them. The thing is that as you use your computer, it needs to remember such as desktop wallpaper and other files to help run as smoothly as possible. However, as many registry settings then corrupted & damaged, a lot of Windows computers find that they are not reading them – which leads to errors and if the problem is serious enough, crash. To fix this problem the software side, you need to be able to use a software tool called a “registry plan” to fix the errors and stop crashing.


Computer programs in education


A computer helps to process data in accordance with a list of instructions, called a program. It can save a lot of data and produce the same, instantly. It is also called universal information-processing machine. It is a common system used in corporate business, educational institutions and many research projects. The computer technology has been used skills in various educational fields. There are many professional courses that programs its computers. It allows students and teachers to systematically learning or teaching.

Most schools emphasize the importance of computer education. They provide computer education of children, at a young age. It helps them learn and develop interest in the basics of computer. The main purpose is to make them comfortable using the system, the future holds bright promise for the technology. Many students become proficient and intend to pursue jobs in the world of computers.

Computers are used in running the school and college administration, the admission procedure, store public and student records. They are also used in curriculum planning and decision-making, supervision, assistance, guidance and simulation. Computers are helpful in directing the aptitude test and a performance test, at the time of entrance exams. There is computer software designed to work performances related to teachers and staff promotion ways. They also work reports about wages, testing, inspection systems, printing articles and question papers, evaluation of answer sheets, Mark sheets and certificates.

Computers are used in schools with professors, conduct special classes and make their students to adopt a methodical way study. Students take more interest in documentary programs, designed in different materials. Internet has provided a favorable way to pursuing a course designer universities worldwide. These facilities will be available at the click of a mouse.


Understanding the definition Hardware, What is software, and a definition of Device Driver


In this article, I’ll explain three computer terms, as so many computer terms, do not understand very well with people. And in many cases, are not usually understand

Of course, as always, remember it is not a criticism -. If you do not understand this computer terms before this, it’s just because it was never explained to you properly before.

Let’s see what I can do to fix it.

First off, let me explain the difference between “hardware” and “software”, and just what the terms mean

It’s actually very simple -. “hardware” refers to all the physical pieces of equipment, such as the mouse, the computer’s screen (or screens), the hard drive, etc

“Software” is all parts of the computer that you can not actually see or touch. Software would include things like Microsoft Word, email program, Windows or Mac OS, as well as all the personal files such as letters, photos, music and more

One way to think about it is like .: mechanism is like the brain , the physical part of the body, but the software is like your mind or thoughts -. the non-physical part of you

Software runs on hardware, just as thoughts than your thoughts “run” the brain.

make sense? Now let’s talk specifically about one type of software :. Device driver

What is a device driver? Here’s an easy way to think about what a device driver is.

Imagine that every piece of hardware, including printers, mouse, and so on, speak a different language.

So one speaks French, one speaks Italian, another Cantonese etc.

So when you plug in a new printer and turns it on, the computer says “hi” and the printer answers in a foreign language computer does not understand.

So need an interpreter.

And when I say that outline, I mean just like in the real world, as if a foreign diplomat arrives in the country and not speak the language. They need an interpreter to help them communicate with the local

There, fundamentally speaking, it is a drive -. Interpreter that helps computers talk to a specific piece of equipment. And (generally) you need another interpreter for each piece of equipment that you hook up to your computer.

make sense?

Now, in some cases, the driver may be “content” on your computer (in other words, the computer has already interpreter ready and waiting if it is needed), and in other cases, it must be either insert a CD, or downloaded from the Internet, and then installed on the computer.

But either way, the computer needs a driver before it can talk to a printer, or any other type of device you might have hooked up to the computer.

Hope that makes sense.


A Beginners Guide to World of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has taken off and is now recognized in the business as a viable and safe alternative to traditional server and hardware based IT Infrastructure. For some, however, the concepts can still be overwhelming for beginners. In short, Cloud Computing means that your (information technology), files and applications are stored in the “cloud”, another word for the network, instead of being in your own server hardware.

There may be a cheaper option for some companies as you no longer need to buy applications, hard drives or copy disks or software product in return. All data and files stored on the ‘Cloud’ and rent through the cloud hosting provider.

IT services Cloud

moving IT infrastructure to cloud computing the delivery of IT resources as a service incorporating infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (Paas) and software as a service (SaaS) today. Features, next to the cost benefits of not having to constantly upgrade hardware, are the company’s activities tend to be faster, flexible and highly efficient.

to get into the “cloud” and all data and applications, all you need is a cloud computer called Notebook or Netbook and internet cloud hosting service provider. You do not need expert technical knowledge or bulky computer hardware. If you can operate a lap top and a browser you can easily become users of cloud computing.

A Cloud computing service allows for common business applications online, as mentioned above, be obtained from a web browser. Business software and data are stored on the servers of the cloud server.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

* The decline in fixed assets for the long term (no need to constantly invest in new infrastructure)

* Increases business efficiency

Although security and control has been an issue in the past by moving to the cloud, much of this is sorted out now with the military and the government to move away hardware. This program has seen dramatic development of cloud security. Security is becoming less of a problem as more large companies transfer all their IT infrastructure cloud computing . It’s still always a good idea to check with your host or cloud provider, what their back up and security protocol and be glad you data and files will be in safe hands.


Drawing in the computer drawing Tablet


Technology has become such a massive impact on our lives it has left nothing untouched by the way we work, how we go through our leisure, and even how we raise our children and keep our homes spic and span. Even the world of art has been influenced by technology, bringing another type of ground in the form of digital art. For any aspiring artists who want to practice their skills, tools like a computer drawing tablet can be useful.

Also commonly called as drawing tablet, a digital graphics tablet or pad, computer drawing tablet is an electronic device that allows you to manually drag photos, graphics, or any image on the surface and inputs it into the computer immediately. Basically, it’s just like a normal, old school pencil and paper all use to draw with, except that the table is more convenient as it puts the image right into your computer. You, therefore, do away with scanners, copy machines, and other devices. Cartoon graphics advertisement graphic designer, even interior decorators, whose jobs rely heavily on working with both technology and art can have great use drawing table at their workplace, to ensure that every part of the drawing they do not go missing as it is recorded directly to the computer.

Generally, a computer drawing tablet consists of electronic flat board where the user can sketch their image and style, which is basically the pen you use to draw. The style sometimes comes with a built-in eraser, just like wooden pencil. Some drawing tablets also come with a screen of their own, where you can see what you are drawing even without connecting to a computer screen. Latest designs even come with their own wireless mouse for their better navigation. As it is just like a pen and paper, the tablet has a feature called pressure sensitivity, which allows artists to draw lines and images that are light and loosely drawn, or can be very bold as they want to be. Pressure sensitivity will determine how dark or light color will be when it is printed out.

Although computer drawing tablet is generally known to be a tool for artists, it also can be used in many ways that does not involve art. A person in the corporate workplace can use this device, as it can also be used to transfer the handwritten document in electronic document. A small tablet can also be used to write in your signature to any digital data before printing it out. Crime Scene Investigators can especially benefit these tables cross references of the handwriting of the suspects.

Technology has certainly come a long way and use computer drawing tablet in several ways just proves it. Whether you are a free-flowing artists or a tuxedoed businessman, to make your life easier by getting a table of your own.