Supercomputers – Progress in science and technology



Supercomputers are specialized types of computers that are used for complex tasks like weather forecasting and biological research. They are very expensive and are also responsible for working out many mathematical calculations in no time. The Blue Gene / L is the fastest computer in the world. It is in the national laboratory Japan. It can run up to 35.6 trillions of math problems per second

The chief difference between a supercomputer and normal PC :.

1) Supercomputers are a specialized type computers used for laboratory research, weather. forecast, nuclear research and data analysis and animation industry, etc.

2) Supercomputers perform power in several applications, but computers running all applications simultaneously

Work and market

Supercomputers have large production capacity. It is primarily known for its high speed calculation.

supercomputer introduced by Symons Cray. He is associated with Control Data Corporation. Samoa Cray supercomputers presented with a new design. He introduced the computers with their own business “Cray Research.”

In 1980, the number of small competitors in the super computer market. Market crashed.

Now Cray, IBM and Hewlett-Packard are build supercomputers. The IBM Roadrunner, located in Los Alamos National Laboratory is the fastest supercomputer in the world


In 1939 Atanasoff-Berry Computer was founded in Iowa State

Summary :.

Supercomputers are very useful resources for science and technology. They have proven to be a very useful tool in the process of science and technology. They are relatively fast but can only power limited data in a normal PC

Author :. Anil Purandare


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