Information Technology – Programming


Information technology is not an easy course. Create a set of instructions for a computer to follow is never easy. It includes analysis and full understanding of the programming language you are using. Programme, which is one of the major challenges it is almost head-ache for all IT students. Be a teacher for 2 years I have seen how students struggle of the said materials. I’ve heard all their complaints about the difficulty of the subject. I definitely understand them because I also encounter the same problem when I was still learning. Within the difficulty of course I have to still manage to complete the study. With the experience I had in programming, I’d like to share some tips on how to make better programming especially for all the beginners out there.

  1. love the content (programming) – Hating material difficulties that would just mess up your current situation. It will not do you any good if you curse content. As you choose it as your course, you must accept all the difficulties with it. Again learn to love programming.
  2. Practice practice practice – I believe in the saying that practice makes perfect. You must always practice programming a computer or even a laptop. Create a simple application on your free time. If you do not have any computer, write it in your mind. It will really help you a lot.
  3. Research on the internet for example – looking for simple examples of the internet and study them. Do not memorize the code, you need to learn and analyze.
  4. never get online games – base of experience and it will surely get the focus on learning
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all IT students, just follow these simple tips and you surely will have a greater chance of passing programming footage. Just do not let go of your dream of becoming a computer professional someday. Hold on to your dream and do their best everyday.


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