A Beginners Guide to World of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has taken off and is now recognized in the business as a viable and safe alternative to traditional server and hardware based IT Infrastructure. For some, however, the concepts can still be overwhelming for beginners. In short, Cloud Computing means that your (information technology), files and applications are stored in the “cloud”, another word for the network, instead of being in your own server hardware.

There may be a cheaper option for some companies as you no longer need to buy applications, hard drives or copy disks or software product in return. All data and files stored on the ‘Cloud’ and rent through the cloud hosting provider.

IT services Cloud

moving IT infrastructure to cloud computing the delivery of IT resources as a service incorporating infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (Paas) and software as a service (SaaS) today. Features, next to the cost benefits of not having to constantly upgrade hardware, are the company’s activities tend to be faster, flexible and highly efficient.

to get into the “cloud” and all data and applications, all you need is a cloud computer called Notebook or Netbook and internet cloud hosting service provider. You do not need expert technical knowledge or bulky computer hardware. If you can operate a lap top and a browser you can easily become users of cloud computing.

A Cloud computing service allows for common business applications online, as mentioned above, be obtained from a web browser. Business software and data are stored on the servers of the cloud server.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

* The decline in fixed assets for the long term (no need to constantly invest in new infrastructure)

* Increases business efficiency

Although security and control has been an issue in the past by moving to the cloud, much of this is sorted out now with the military and the government to move away hardware. This program has seen dramatic development of cloud security. Security is becoming less of a problem as more large companies transfer all their IT infrastructure cloud computing . It’s still always a good idea to check with your host or cloud provider, what their back up and security protocol and be glad you data and files will be in safe hands.


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