Computer Crash Problems – How to Stop Computer Run the Easy Way


Computer crashes occur when your computer will either restart or stop working, citing problems with something inside. Crashes can occur for a wide range of reasons, from hardware problems to software errors, in order to fix this problem – you need to be able to make a case that will first cause a crash to show. This tutorial is going to show you a very simple way to stop computer crashes, which can make the system run faster and smoother as a result. Here’s what you need to do:

If your computer crashes, it means that there is a problem inside it. Most of the computer technicians do is really to identify the problem causing the system to crash (hard part), and they will solve the problems that they find (which is easy). The problem many people have is that not only do they not know what is causing their systems crash, but they do not know how to fix any problems they might find.

There are two reasons why all computer will crash – hardware and software. To begin with, the computer hardware is really one of the biggest reasons why the crash occurred, because that’s what drives the system. The problem is all down to the way Windows is required to use the various hardware components every time you use the machine.

To see if you have a hardware issue on your computer, you first need to restart Windows in “safe mode”. Safe mode is that Microsoft introduced to help figure technicians to perform tasks & testing of Windows without third-party software to be present. Starting in this mode basically allows you to see if the crash occurred without any software on your system – that will suggest a hardware problem. To do this, restart your computer and press F8 before it loads. This will give you some options, you must select “Safe Mode”. Load up this mode will load Windows without drivers / software that could cause the crash, and means that if you experience crashes occurring inside the Safe Mode, you need to take your system to a computer store to hardware repair.

The cause issues with the software on the computer, it must be said that this is much more common for a variety of Windows computers. The problem with software on your computer is down to how your computer constantly need to use multiple files & settings to help it run, and like so many of these settings are in use at once, Windows often gets confused and saves many of them the wrong way. The main culprit software error is actually part of Windows called the “registry”, which is a central database that stores important files & settings of your computer needs to run. The registry is one of the most important parts of the entire Windows system, but is also one of the main reasons why your PC will crash.

Registry errors are the main reason why most Windows PCs crash, and the good news is that there is an easy way to fix them. The thing is that as you use your computer, it needs to remember such as desktop wallpaper and other files to help run as smoothly as possible. However, as many registry settings then corrupted & damaged, a lot of Windows computers find that they are not reading them – which leads to errors and if the problem is serious enough, crash. To fix this problem the software side, you need to be able to use a software tool called a “registry plan” to fix the errors and stop crashing.


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