Beat Spam with Disposable Email Addresses


The World Wide Web, although the virtual world, is actually not a very safe place to be. You can get your identity. Your email address can give thieves the capacity to take over your identity. There are many cases have been reported and the financial loss is great for people who have had their identities stolen. So to protect yourself, think about using a disposable email addresses.

This is a near perfect solution to prevent spam. If you need to provide your email address in return for information, use this useful resource. Many of destroying e-mail within a specified period. When you give out your real email address on the web, you run the risk of getting e-mail box filled with spam. The only option you have is to select each item spam and delete it individually. What a waste of time and effort! But disposable email addresses that offer a number of advanced features, you’ll never have this problem again. Instead of spending all spam, simply get a new account.

These addresses can be created from a number of websites offering the service for free. Registration is simple and hassle free. Many of the websites offer specific storage limit after which mail is deleted. Some of them never expire unless you want them to. Some of these come with anti-spy ware installed. They also have the ability to keep track of the websites you’ve visited.

If you want to keep your identity a secret when you want to visit various discussions or subscribe for member profiles, use disposable identity. It makes life easier. Think about identity theft or have any access to your personal information via spyware! Use a disposable email account without qualms and be worry free.


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