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Insights into the computer components that are responsible for the smooth and effective functioning of the computer.

Computers have become a basic necessity n the world through their use will become clear in all different aspects of life in education, work, entertainment and communication. Each home at least one computer that helps them in more ways than one. It is therefore important that we know about the various computer components and their respective functions so that we can use them better and have a good idea of ​​where the problem lies when the computer fails to function properly.

Computers can be classified into two main types, portable and desktop. The portable computers are those that can be carried from one place to another. Laptops, laptops and hand held computers are a few examples of notebooks. However, it is a desktop computer that is used by most people. Let’s now take a look at the computer components that are part of the desktop computer. The same components are used in notebooks but several different

1.Case :. The first and most important part of your computer that is comprised of the following:

* Power supply: the power supply is extremely important constituent of the computer as it allows for the energy that the computer runs. There are different types of power generation used for different types of computers

* Motherboard :. A motherboard is the part that consists of the most important things that help of your computer. It houses the microprocessor which is also called your brain that is responsible for guiding, commanding and controlling all activities that are in the computer; memory is in the form of RAM is necessary in order to save and store data on your computer, the drive controllers that are vested with the task of managing the interface of a computer and hard drives, help these controls to control the activities of hardware. In almost all computers, these controllers mounted on the motherboard, but there may be other controls that are designed for faster implementation of existing drives or working on new discs. In addition to all these ingredients, there can be other card support on the motherboard for video, networking, music and lots of other

* Hard disk drive :. Hard disk drive is necessary as it is the place where all the files are stored. Operating systems for most computers are also installed in the hard drive

* CD-ROM drive :. This is the drive where the read-only files are stored. These days, it’s a new CD ROM drive makes use of special software to facilitate the reading and writing of these drives

* Floppy drive :. This house floppy disk drive is a small device to disk storage that can save about 1.4 megabytes of memory capacity.

* Other forms of drives in the form of tape backup devices, DVD devices and others.

2. Monitor :. The display looks almost like a TV screen, allowing you to see if and how the computer is to respond to your commands

3. Keyboard :. This component is a device that allows you to enter commands with the help of the various key parts of it

4. Mouse :. The mouse is a point and click interface that works efficiently in a graphical environment and helps in typing commands


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