How To Increase Computer Speed ​​And Performance – Great Tips & Tricks


Many computer users are worried about their computer’s performance. After spending a lot of bucks, still they can not have that charm of using PC as they had expected. Here I am going to explain some major tricks which are used by many users that help them to take efficient use of their CPU.

These suggestions may be of little importance for people who are already using processors with speed more than 2400 MHz but people using computer with less speed and little older mother boards and processors will enjoy these tips. They will realize significant increase in the performance of their computer

Here, these tips :.

1. Operating system choice:

You will be amazed to know that your choice of choosing right windows or operating system could play an important role in the performance of your CPU. For example, if you get 5 bricks to carry them to next apartment and then 10 bricks to do the same. Think how would success if compared with both situations. Obviously you would perform well when carrying only 5 bricks.

Same is the case with Microsoft Windows. Lighter windows you have, higher the performance will be shown. Now this does not mean that you should install Windows 95. Here is the order of Windows weight: Windows XP (any addition)> Windows 2000> Windows Me> Windows 98 (the lightest one). So if you have Pentium 4 with good ram then I recommend that you use Microsoft Windows XP. People using Pentium 3 computers could use Windows 2000 or if they have ram more than 256 MB then they can use Windows XP, too. All other lower speed users should use Windows ME or 98

You would have to compromise between speed and quality. You can decide now which operating system you should use now.

2. Division

Before this topic I would like to give you a simple example. Suppose in one case if 100 items are placed in a house that has only 2 rooms and you need to find the item no. 89, from another room. You must navigate through the 50 items in the room to find two points 89. In other cases, if the same 100 items are placed in a house that has 4 rooms and you need to find 89 points from 2 then you would have to scroll through only 25 points available in the room and you want to spend less time.

Same is the case here for partitions. If you have more number of partitions, it would help your windows more to find the necessary information easily from your hard drive when you run any file or program. I would expect you to have more partitions, each with at least 5 GB memory and maximum 20 GB.

You should be very careful while partitioning your hard drive and believe me many people make mistakes when they partition hard disk and lose all your important data. Here is a free resource Windows Setup Installation Guide who can help you learn about the partition, format the hard disk and install windows.

3. Defragment hard drives:

partition become fragmented when you create or delete folders, save new files, delete or move them and they become scattered on you hard drive and as time passes, windows become slower and slower due to time needed by the system to find the necessary files on hard disk. You can learn more about why volumes become fragmented by using “Disk Defragmenter” Help.

main My point is that your computer becomes lazy with time. I’m sure many of you have noticed that after installing windows, computer become slower gradually with time. So I would strongly recommend you that you use Disk Defragmenter regularly, at least a week. I know it is quite boring process but while taking bath, lunch start it. Believe me you will feel the difference later.

4. Frequency of Changing Windows:

I want to compare the difference between the speed of your computer when you freshly installed windows and now. I know the answer! Obviously now you feel your PC Lazier than before

This is all due to many factors such as file fragmentation. increasing the windows registry size, increase the number of files and folders in your primary partition and also because of some viruses and spy products.

I would strongly suggest you that you should install Windows by formatting primary partition at least every 3 months. That will keep your computer efficient. Many people think that formatting hard drive is not good. It’s almost a wrong illusion. Formatting partition every 3 months and install a fresh copy of Windows will considerably increase your computer’s performance. The same website Windows Setup could help you on this issue.

5. My last suggestion:

Finally do not save junk, programs, movies, games and almost everything you can on the Windows partition that is usually C: and believe me your computer would show optimal performance long-term and provide fewer errors

It is better to make your “My Documents” folder to another drive than C :. as well as make also Program Files folder so install everything like Microsoft office etc there not in windows installation drive. Do it and feel the difference.

Always check for programs that automatically run at startup and use significant resources of your PC. Try to disable them carefully and find changes in the performance. Here is a way to check which programs and processes start automatically when Windows starts.

Go to Start-> Run, then type “msconfig” then you can see what your memory consuming programs are.

If you do not want to do anything above and want shorter way with shorter improvements then create new user and delete previous one. You will beholder slighter change and this also removes many errors if present in windows

If you can not even do this then why you wasted your time by reading this article and do something else ,. )

I have tried my best to show all the possible ways that might help you improve your computer performance.


Should We Trust Technology?


I was helping a friend fix his computer, he asked is everything lost? I ask Him if he backed up his data, of course not why would he do that? I asked the next question, When was the last time you backed-up your data? Then like he had a megaphone in my ear, I DON “T KNOW HOW TO BACK UP MY DATA! All my spread sheets and word documents are lost, How Can That Be the computers brand new?

If I had a Every dollar for computer That broke down out of the box I would not have to worry about money. But for some reason When we buy something we just assume it Will work for ever, especially things like TVs, stereos, freezers and computers. We put more faith in Those purchases than we do in anything else, well, outside of eating in a public restaurant anyway. Why? Why do we do that? Nowhere does it say These devices and equipment will not breakdown or alreadysubmitted be broken Before we Even get themself Installed. Most things we buy Today all have some form of technology in themself, try and think of one That does not … well a potato peeler but maybe there’s not Many.

There Seems to be this unwritten law That if I buy something it just works, there’s no chance it will not we’re thinking as we drive home. I have oversold more computers than I can count over the years and manufacturer’s do not always get it right, something Can fall through the cracks. Assembly lines are not immune to malfunction, why? Technology!

I got a call to Provide some input on what was thought to be a DNS issue, after asking enough questions, two or three I discovered That most Likely it was that expensive high end Router That was Installed. I said pull it and go do something different and see what happens. You guessed it, that was high end router was Faulty.

We put a lot of faith in technology, we build spread sheets thinking thatthey are accurate and the software can not make a mistake, really? How do you know? Society has gone down the technology road so far now we Can go back, and would we want to? Most of us have High Speed ​​(Broadband) Internet connections, would you go back to dial-up now? I rest my case.

Now technology is progressing at a rate That is exponential, explosive growth. People think linearly, one, two, three, and 30 steps later your at 30. But the reality of information technology it is going 2, 4, 8, 16, and 30 steps later you are at a billion! With growth moving That Quickly How Will ensuresexcellent That it is accurate and not Faulty?

Take nano technology, little blood cell sized nanobots Will be injected Into our bloodstreams and cure diabetes say. Will it? What if does not, what are the side effects and WHO is going to guarantee That nanobots are full proof? I suspect no one Will back themself up 100% but how can we be sure These technologies Will work 100% of the time and not fail in the future?

I believe there needs to be a body That overseas and sets standards to protect us against Faulty technology in the future, in light of this exponential growth curve. You may assume That there Will be, but, let’s not assume please. So, Should we trust technology? Some of it? Yes. A Lot of it? Yes. But When it comes to injecting blood cell sized nanobots Into our bodies, I want to know for sure something will not go wrong. How far do we Allow technology to go, to intrude on our privacy and watch over us? How deep is your trust in technology?

I’m just asking the questions nothing more. I’m suggesting we keep things in perspective, make sure we put the proper framework in place now to ensuresexcellent the safe use of new technologies These being worked on Today.


Wireless Networking: Signal Behavior


When wireless signal hits an object it does not just stop or bounce straight back it could turn, bend, breakup, slow down, or even turn a corner. If you do not take into account these possible senerios wireless network could have large big issues that could plague network

distribution :. Scattering takes place when a wireless signal hits an object that has many irregular angels causing the signal to shoot off in many directions. This could happen when a signal hits a mountain side, hills or large buildings

Reflection :. Reflection happens when the signal bounces just completely share. This can be good and bad. Reflection can be good because customers do not need to rely on LOS (Line or Sight) service. Signals can be trasmitted and bounced off large buildings to the client. Reflection can be bad of it causes signals to bleed into uneeded area

refraction :. Refraction bends the wireless signal as it passes through the medium of greater density than its origin. If you signal has to travel thought industrial smoke stacks valleys warmer air pockets this will produce refraction

Absorption :. Shoot your signal at a larger brick building and signs could be sucked up and disappear

diffraction :. This is often confused with refraction. Diffraction occurs when your wireless signal hits a very large object, slows down and actually turns around the corner. This is great if you want your signal to bend around the corner but if you do not suck. Plus it slows down your signal making it weaker.

If you are having trouble with weak signals or clients being dropped from the WLAN you may be interference from above signal behavior. Also know that the signal can reflect or turn corners will help you avoid potential security threat.


Information Technology – Programming


Information technology is not an easy course. Create a set of instructions for a computer to follow is never easy. It includes analysis and full understanding of the programming language you are using. Programme, which is one of the major challenges it is almost head-ache for all IT students. Be a teacher for 2 years I have seen how students struggle of the said materials. I’ve heard all their complaints about the difficulty of the subject. I definitely understand them because I also encounter the same problem when I was still learning. Within the difficulty of course I have to still manage to complete the study. With the experience I had in programming, I’d like to share some tips on how to make better programming especially for all the beginners out there.

  1. love the content (programming) – Hating material difficulties that would just mess up your current situation. It will not do you any good if you curse content. As you choose it as your course, you must accept all the difficulties with it. Again learn to love programming.
  2. Practice practice practice – I believe in the saying that practice makes perfect. You must always practice programming a computer or even a laptop. Create a simple application on your free time. If you do not have any computer, write it in your mind. It will really help you a lot.
  3. Research on the internet for example – looking for simple examples of the internet and study them. Do not memorize the code, you need to learn and analyze.
  4. never get online games – base of experience and it will surely get the focus on learning
  5. .

all IT students, just follow these simple tips and you surely will have a greater chance of passing programming footage. Just do not let go of your dream of becoming a computer professional someday. Hold on to your dream and do their best everyday.


Simple Tips to Speed ​​Up Your Computer


Computers have always been an important part of the ever-changing technology world today. People often rely on computers to do word processing, information to obtain, and presentations, among others, faster. However, it is a fact that over time the computer can slow down due to heavy use. Therefore, to maintain optimum functionality of the computer, have a few things to do and take note of. These simple and relatively easy tips to speed up your computer can follow maintenance.

The first tip is to defragment your hard disk regularly. We defragmenting your hard drive, all the clutter that installing and uninstalling programs come with it immediately organized and with a similar format that makes it easy for the operating system to access a certain program. Because it will be easier for the system to find what it needs, it will lead to faster performance. Another important tip is to scan your hard disk using the Scan Disk function. This will detect and fix damage to system files on your computer caused the crash and did not turn off the computer properly. By fixing these corrupted files, the system’s performance is significantly improved.

is also advisable to scan for viruses, spyware and adware that have penetrated the system. Viruses, as you already know, are very frustrating to deal with especially if it has already created havoc on your computer. That is why, it is important to get rid of them in an instant by installing antivirus software. Spyware and adware, however, use of system resources to track site visits and to display unsolicited advertising, thus slowing down the machine.

These spyware and adware can be removed instantly improve system operation. It is also advisable to recheck the programs you have installed in your system and whether it is still needed or not. Remove programs you do not use will free up computer disk space and speed up system performance. Remove unnecessary programs means not only to destroy them, but completely remove them from the system.

One other thing that slows computer performance is a visual preferences you may have previously specified. Set these visual effects for smaller but still desirable level will make your computer run faster. You can also have specified for certain programs to run at startup. While this can be very convenient for you, there is one factor that slows down your computer. Thus, if you want to make your computer run faster, it would be wise to prevent these programs from automatically launching themselves at startup. By following these simple steps to make your computer run faster, you can be sure that indeed its performance will match the first time you bought the computer. But you should also be sensitive enough to know that if this does not make your computer run as fast as you want it, then you might want to consider buying a new and up-to-date system.


Effective Workplace Violence Prevention Training – Part 1 – Customer-Client Violence


It is important that organizations take the time to think about what steps they are taking in order to address particular provincial or state violence to their own rules. Ultimately, when it comes to preventing workplace violence and actual safety of the workers, the most critical element is the training. It is important to remember that not all communication training equivalent to violence prevention. Recognizing that the management of customer / client violence differs from management worker to worker conflict. In order to avoid wasting valuable employee time and money of the company, training delivered must reflect this fact

Customer / Client Violence Prevention Training :.

There are a number of educational training that simply were not designed with violence prevention in mind. In fact, some training curriculums can actually increase the risk. A one size fits all conflict resolution sessions can seriously miss the mark when it comes to providing useful, practical and safe choice for frontline staff. Observe (participants) roll their eyes when the coach ‘expert’ evidence when defusing anger, the first thing the staff must do is identify their feelings; “It seems that you are angry”, or instructs employees to “put gentle but firm limits” with increasing client. Talk about growing potential violence!

There is of course the police training was designed for officers to get consistent, maintain control of the offending person and reduce liability for possible excessive use of force. The premise of such training is “I’m right, you’re wrong and I’m going to win.” This may be effective for the police as they have an arsenal of weapons to support them through this process. This type of training is usually the physical part, emphasized that the focus of the curriculum is to get the job done rather than focusing on the safe selection and management of potential violence. Staff already wrestling with the idea of ​​dropping control, not having to work or support from potential violence, often feel validated at the end of such training.

In my view, there are very few jobs that require the use of force or self-defense training. Correctional Officers, police officers, and some Security staff may be necessary to exercise some level of physical force from time to time. Experts from these articles that I’ve coached and interviews with risk often reported that the smart, safe choice communication in the early stages of the conflict plays an important role in reducing the need for physical intervention. Employees need skills to manage behavior (theirs and their clients) rather than to control the other person. For many employees often requires a change in how they see and respond to conflict. Special system or model of communication is not obliged to defuse hostility; it is not that complicated.

Indeed, not all situations are able to be disappeared. For most jobs, however, disengagement is probably the safest option when faced with an imminent threat of violence. Guiding these workers how to get out of hair pulling, arm grabs and bites, etc. is not necessary. This valuable training time should be dedicated to employees fully understand they have a choice in how they respond proactively to various customer behavior. These choices will affect whether the situation intensified or defuses. Various evacuation plans must also practiced because customers can escalate despite the best efforts of defusing.

Many companies are scrambling to address the rules, especially in Ontario. (Bill 168) The development of some policies, write some cases based on the number of procedures, handing out EAP information, tell staff where panic alarm and safe rooms are located, along with a review of security plans, is not really going to help workers on the frontlines. Remember, domestic violence usually occurs on a continuum. Prevention must initiate actions for the crisis. Before choosing a training provider, I would strongly recommend to participate in the meeting. Providing relevant and real world training that connects assistance is an opportunity that should not be missed.


Supercomputers – Progress in science and technology



Supercomputers are specialized types of computers that are used for complex tasks like weather forecasting and biological research. They are very expensive and are also responsible for working out many mathematical calculations in no time. The Blue Gene / L is the fastest computer in the world. It is in the national laboratory Japan. It can run up to 35.6 trillions of math problems per second

The chief difference between a supercomputer and normal PC :.

1) Supercomputers are a specialized type computers used for laboratory research, weather. forecast, nuclear research and data analysis and animation industry, etc.

2) Supercomputers perform power in several applications, but computers running all applications simultaneously

Work and market

Supercomputers have large production capacity. It is primarily known for its high speed calculation.

supercomputer introduced by Symons Cray. He is associated with Control Data Corporation. Samoa Cray supercomputers presented with a new design. He introduced the computers with their own business “Cray Research.”

In 1980, the number of small competitors in the super computer market. Market crashed.

Now Cray, IBM and Hewlett-Packard are build supercomputers. The IBM Roadrunner, located in Los Alamos National Laboratory is the fastest supercomputer in the world


In 1939 Atanasoff-Berry Computer was founded in Iowa State

Summary :.

Supercomputers are very useful resources for science and technology. They have proven to be a very useful tool in the process of science and technology. They are relatively fast but can only power limited data in a normal PC

Author :. Anil Purandare


Best Tips to Improve Computer Performance


following tips to improve computer performance is easy to take when you learn them. Improve your computer’s performance can be easy if you know what you’re doing. This is what separates them to own a computer that runs like a charm, and those who have a computer that barely start up properly. These tips will give you a better idea of ​​how to improve your computer’s performance.

The Basics

The following tips are very simple, with just a little practice anyone can master the art of using them. You can accomplish a lot simply by using features that you already have at your disposal. These tools can improve the performance of your computer, and you do not have a master’s degree to complete them.

You can start by using the Disk Cleanup tool that is already part of your computer system. The Disk Cleanup tool will identify and label files are no longer needed and can be removed without causing damage to your computer. The tool will then give you the option to decide which files you want to go ahead and spend. This is also a simple technique used to remove temporary files from your computer as well as other unnecessary files that take up less. Using Disk Cleanup tool will certainly improve computer performance.

Another tool available to the Disk Defragmenter. The Disk Defragmenter, which is also already part of your computer must withdraw fragmentation is a natural by-product of using a computer and slows it down. This fragmentation occurs when you install programs, delete files, and move multiple files from one place on your computer to another. Disk Defragmenter is certainly a tool that will help significantly in the quest to improve the performance of your PC.

In addition, you should use antivirus program to run a full scan of your computer at least once a week.

How A Registry Cleaner Can Improve Computer Performance

One of the best Computer Performance Improvement tips is to use a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner is a program that can help improve computer performance tremendously. In fact, this type of program is so efficient you will not really need to use other programs. You can do all you need to do with this one piece of software.

The registry cleaner searches through files and records that are stored in your computer’s registry looking for anything that is out of place. This could be corrupted files, files that have been modified and files missing entirely. This is extremely important because the records housed in the registry responsible for making your computer run. Without them, or if they are damaged, your computer performance will quickly collapse.

The registry needs to be cleaned because it grows larger and it houses more information every time you use your computer. Having a registry cleaner at your disposal will prove to be one of the best investments you have ever made since the computer is concerned.


How can Cloud Computing improve productivity?


Productivity in the workplace is a very sensitive topic that there are several schools of thought. Some people tend to think that only intrusive micro-management is the only way to increase productivity while others may be more likely to take a more sensitive approach by offering incentives.

Regardless of the exact approach you or your company take to boost productivity, you must not forget the role that technology can play in helping daily operations. For example, it can be said that the assets and the organization’s resources play an important role in either helping or hindering productivity. This is largely because it is through it that all inter-office communications, file sharing, logging data, data storage, and collaborative efforts are usually organized. Since cloud computing is more or less in place / changing the traditional IT and incorporate new technology, it might be a good idea to explore ways in which it can help to increase overall productivity.

There are essentially three ways in which cloud computing (or any type of IT for that matter) can affect productivity.

Utilizing known and emerging technology

encourage the growth of employee

Improving communication

What makes cloud computing more ideal candidate (as opposed to traditional IT) to address these three areas of concern is the fact that technology is driving it. For example, Cloud computing can make almost any type of application or software; app can be packaged with other programs and processes and then come in and copied.

In traditional IT organization, packaged set of processes is not so easily transferred between individual users, not only does this slow person (s) performing the work, it creates more redundant-style labor for it as well. In other words, through the cloud computing you can more easily create their own software based your solutions and deploy them instead as many users as needed. Likewise, there are a dizzying number of single cloud-based services (email, online storage and online file transfer) that can be leveraged almost immediately to provide employees with on-the-spot solutions, eliminating searching and downtime.

Also, by providing employees access to a library of specific software products and solutions, you are giving them a greater sense of responsibility and creative scope to do their work. Ethics are great and often very necessary to facilitate the kind of organized labor, but it is often impossible or unwieldy to provide your employees with “A to B” goal and then limit their ability to complete the task.

Quite simply, cloud computing, a number of different ways to complete a particular task may open. This agency creates and fosters a greater sense of desire from employees because they have the opportunity to creatively tackle what work they are doing. Another fringe benefit of this is that the creative (or brilliant) solutions can be installed. As the old saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” If you have any employees actively looking for faster, more efficient solutions to ongoing problems / work / duties (as opposed to simply following orders), you’re going to end up with increased productivity.

How to improve communication, cloud computing can not be matched by traditional IT. Similarly, web tools, applications, and communication interface can improve the relationship, so too can cloud computing. In addition, any web app, or software can be repacked or distributed on a cloud. This means you can have a much cleaner interface for users with a greater number of individual points of communication. For example, through cloud computing it would be possible for the company to bring in-house video messaging / conferencing services that could greatly improve inter-departmental communication and interaction.

However, the use of cloud computing technology will require effort and understanding of IT department personnel devices. If your company has not yet begun to explore this facet of the IT capabilities you should know that now is a great time to do it. Currently, you can have an entire IT department certified or trained in one or many cloud computing industries on a group discount rates. Moreover, as cloud computing certification can be delivered through the network (e-learning), IT staff will be able to participate in mobile learning.

to simply say that cloud computing can increase productivity in the workplace is part of an understatement. The truth is, cloud computing can actually redesign the way business strategies and extends the work it performs on a daily basis. In this way, cloud computing is less a way to increase productivity and more comprehensive infrastructure that allows for improved efficiency in the functioning of the office.


Rain Ior Cloud Computing (Part 2 of 2)


Fitness for Purpose (FFP)

* FFP is a check on whether the final installation will provide services or solutions would. Most of the time, FFP refers to a set of specific applications related to its activities.

* Speed ​​computing or communicating- this includes latency and throughput user of the device, the server device and connecting material. Latency is the latency. Productivity is the amount of data flow.

* Security computing- this includes data integrity, reliability parties concerned protection against theft or disruption, and access data when needed

* Availability of resources- computing resources can grow or shrink in synchronization with requirements agency time?

* Environmental factors such as energy consumption, space utilization, noise, electromagnetic interference, and the use of hazardous substances.

* Each organization has specific business activities and personality. One answer does not fit all. In fact, one company can come up with a multitude of plausible options. This article does not attempt to be prescriptive beyond fundamental and powerful concepts. Consultants must provide interpretation and advice for specific applications.

total cost of ownership (TCO)

* Cost should not look at only the purchase price for products as many people think and do. Cost should be a bag consisting of hardware, software, consulting, installation, operation, maintenance, transportation, outage, loss of opportunities and frustrations.

* We should always set a deadline as 3 to 7 years to assess the TCO.

* We should always evaluate proposals for FFP before TCO, and continue the iteration way until we get to a sweet spot for both.

* Some costs may vary during the period. Be aware of that factor in the cost of change.

Hardware Virtualisation

* A main goal is better utilization of physical assets. It is, to use one physical server to perform as two or more servers. In return, saving involves extra cost virtualisation software, more knowledge of installation and maintenance, lower speed performance or response to the user, and all your eggs in one basket.

* The second purpose is recovery from the loss of hardware. Virtualization enables hardware to be replaced and the loss of one would not take long to continue operations. Users will benefit. If their desktop has died, they can use other desktop hardware to continue. Offsetting these factors is the availability of a variety of recovery techniques that may cause similar effects but with lower cost of ownership. In addition, some hardware vendors produce highly reliable machine!

Cloud Computing

* Cloud computing is also known as utility computing. The word comes from the utility analogy to water, gas, telephone and electricity come to our office and the socket or plug. We turn on the tap and have water. We plug into the socket and we have electricity. We call on the phone and we are connected. Similarly, press the switch and we have bits and bytes and are connected to the world. This sounds appealing.

* The data of our organization is unique to us and in many cases is the most important asset of the Agency for competitiveness and productivity. Data is not water, gas, telephone or electricity. Data is certainly not a commodity.

* computer hardware and software are akin to electric power generation stations in the sense that they produce the product. The difference is in the unique nature of the product or products.

* Data profiles and in fact many formats time. The formats are not always interchangeable and some are private. This means our data is tied to software that generates it. If the cloud provides software, cloud regulates our data. We do not want this!

* Is centralized electricity really the way to go? It has happened so in the industrial age. It has happened because the electricity is not within reach of the average citizen. On the other hand, computers have arrived on the desktop PC and magic drops daily. Industrial Age thinking may not apply to the Information Age environment.

* Many European countries are seeing a revival of small-scale local heat and power generation. Is this phenomenon rewinding the clock? It seems so. There will be no more transmission based blackout threat. There will be no copper loss or losses for transmission. There will be no monopolisation of and price increases. These benefits include the data industry.


* We can say that hardware virtualization and Cloud Computing have merits and demerits. This is good because we can take the advantages and avoid demerits. We can incorporate both Rainforest our model.

* Simple planning visualization techniques for the management matrix 4 squares. The first square is “Machinery and expertise in house.” 4. Select the “Machinery and External expertise” – it’s Cloud. 2 and 3 squares have some internal and some external.

* The Rainforest model helps us put things in perspective for assessing our options. Always remember the following conditions: fitness for purpose and total cost of ownership. We can handle ownership data fitness for purpose.


* We should always plan for FFP, TCO, and be aware of changes that will affect FFP and TCO period

* We should keep us aware the position to take on the rainforest – Cloud Matrix and considered Migration Options

* Virtualization can be deployed to rainforests in parallel or isolation Clouds, but we should be clear that virtualization is not for everyone.