Take What You Need From the Cloud


Since computers have become commonplace in business, business owners have purchased software and stored their data on machines in their offices. In larger companies, these machines are supported by IT departments made of a few to dozens of technology professionals. Data is sometimes backed up off site but, for the most part, the data has remained inside the walls of each individual office across the country.

In comes the “cloud.” A new revolution in data storage, management and service affording the individual and small business greater computing power than was previously available.

The concept of cloud computing is simple. Data is transferred to and from remote, independently managed servers through internet connections. These servers can be accessed from anywhere and are metaphorically referred to as a cloud hanging above all of its users. The cloud can store data or provide access to Software as a Service TFS.

In its simplest form, your mother might store photos in a cloud for the rest of the family to access from across the country. In its most powerful form, a business can employ the concept of Software as a Service TFS. Cloud computing could mark the end small business servers and the expense of certain retail software packages. Imagine just paying for what you need and when you use it.

The small businesses of America are struggling to grow in these hard economic times. Businesses are struggling to keep pace with the other technology developers. The ideas and the skilled professionals are there but the budget to obtain the needed resources is lacking. Cloud computing services are spreading rapidly.

Let’s not kid ourselves; software from the major manufacturers is expensive. Even if your budget can take the financial hit, there is often little money left to manage the data on local servers. What if you have brilliant employees working from different locations? There are technologies such as TFS web access which can be a remarkable change to the way you do business.

Cloud computing is a new approach to computing services that can give the smallest business the power of the big guys. Software and hardware is expensive, often out of the reach of growing businesses. Team Foundation Server hosting can make the cloud are a reality.

This is a paradigm shift. Rather than buying software and storing data in your office, you can place your computer world in the hands of remote servers. Remote servers that are reliable and subject to regular backups. Instead of buying software, you can rent it for a fraction of the retail cost.


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